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    Dr Uday Bhatt nominated for The Fred Awards

    發表時間:2021-11-11 訪問量:772

    There’s a familiar name on this year’s list of Fred Awards nominees – Vision Eye Institute’s Dr Uday Bhatt!

    Dr Uday Bhatt | Ophthalmologist: cataract surgery & more

    Given by The Fred Hollows Foundation, this national award celebrates the humanitarian work of Australians who ’embody kindness, compassion and integrity in their everyday lives’.1

    Professor Fred Hollows was an Australian eye surgeon who worked tirelessly to restore sight overseas. His legacy is upheld through The Fred Hollows Foundation, which has restored the vision of two and a half million people in more than 25 countries. The Fred Awards highlights the kind of everyday humanitarianism that Fred Hollows believed in.

    Dr Bhatt was nominated by Joe Chakravarrti for helping Australians improve their vision. ‘He is very hardworking and dedicated and has given the gift of vision to many, just like Fred,’ Joe said. ‘His relentless pursuit for perfection and dedication is what sets him apart.’

    Congratulations, Dr Bhatt, on this honour!

    For more information, read The Fred Hollows Foundation blog.