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    Vision Eye Institute partners with Tennyson Eye Centre (South Australia)

    發表時間:2022-02-16 訪問量:16

    Vision Eye Institute has partnered with Tennyson Eye Centre, adding a new specialist ophthalmology clinic (Kurralta Park) to our South Australian network.

    ‘We are delighted to bring together Vision Eye Institute and Tennyson Eye Centre to share the best of both practices,’ says James Thiedeman, Vision Eye Institute’s CEO. ‘With Vision Eye Institute’s scale and provenance, and Tennyson Eye Centre’s local knowledge and energy, we look forward to delivering exemplary eye care to the South Australian community.’

    Located within the Tennyson Centre, Vision Eye Institute Kurralta Park (Tennyson Eye Centre) is fully equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to provide the best care for patients. Surgical procedures are performed at the Tennyson Centre.

    New doctor partner for SA

    We are pleased to welcome Dr David Handley, experienced ophthalmologist and the Principal Ophthalmologist at Tennyson Eye Centre, to Vision Eye Institute.

    Dr Handley is a highly respected and experienced general ophthalmologist with a special interest in cataract surgery. He also manages glaucoma, medical retina, macular degeneration, macular disease and diabetic eye disease.

    Vision Eye Institute Kurralta Park was founded in the 1950s by Dr Handley’s father, Dr Harold Handley, with father and son treating patients side-by-side. The clinic has been in its current, state-of-the-art location within the Tennyson Centre since 2009. Dr Handley also consults at a satellite location at Seaford Day Surgery in Seaford Heights.

    ‘By partnering with Vision Eye Institute, our staff and doctors will have access to additional support so that, as a clinic, we can continue to focus on optimal patient care. It is very reassuring that I can finish the day and walk out of the office knowing that our staff and the clinic are in good hands,’ says Dr David Handley.

    Delivering exemplary eye care to South Australia

    Dr Handley joins our existing doctor partner in South Australia, Dr Paul Athanasiov, to bring Vision Eye Institute’s commitment to excellence in patient care to Adelaide. Dr Athanasiov’s areas of expertise include advanced laser cataract surgery, corneal grafting and surgery, pterygium excision and glaucoma surgery. He also diagnoses and treats macular degeneration, diabetic eye disease and keratoconus.

    Dr Athanasiov consults at our new Kurralta Park clinic alongside Dr Handley. He also practises at our clinics in North Adelaide and Windsor Gardens and our satellite clinics in Elizabeth Vale and Whyalla.